Manesah ♥ Caylin

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and it is no secret that celebrities absolutely adore their tail-wagging BFF’s! Paris Hilton was one of the first celebs to start the trend of toting around little pups in high-end designer carriers. Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and Miley Cyrus are only a few of the other starlets who can’t get enough of their furry little friends. So where do celebrities purchase their puppies??? It’s hard to believe that they drive down to their local pound and pick up just any old mutt..not that there’s anything wrong with that..but, c’mon..we all know stars want the top, Cream of the Crop. Well, we’ve discovered the place that celebrities go to in search of a trusty canine: Princess Pet, the ultimate pick in celebrity dog breeders around! It was “love at first kisses” when Miley Cyrus was first presented her Maltipoo puppy from Princess Pet on her Sweet 16 at Disneyland in California. Sofie Cyrus aka Sophie Cyrus and Miley Cyrus have been inseparable ever since, and who could blame her…look at that face!

Princess Pet is a mother-daughter team, consisting of mother, Manesah, and daughter Caylin. They are a private breeder …and we can see why- they are the number One Celebrity Teacup Toy Maltese and Maltipoo private celeb breeders around… and their puppies are the most adorable little sugar babies you’ve ever seen. The banner on the homepage of their website describes them the best: The Happiest Puppies On Earth!

More than 150 Celebrities and Loving Customers have trusted Princess Pet to deliver to them the most well-trained, fully-equipped, allergy-free, precious doggies money can buy. This duo has what you are looking for, just tell them the specifics of your dream dog and they will find one that fits your family just perfectly! The puppy even comes full-vaccinated, dewormed, and groomed, with doggie beds, blankets, crate, vitamins and anything else your royal heiress may need! Most pups are around only 2-4 months old when they show up on your door step (and yes-I said door-step. They can ship them to you if you want!! Talk about convenience!). The best part about Princess Pet, is really that they “home train” their dogs, which is something they pride themselves on. That ensures that the pups have been well-cared for and socialized with a variety of people with different personalities, ages, and with other pets as well. This way you can be sure that your doggie will be the best-behaved and most-social one in the park!

Take a look at the Princess Pet website and check out all the fun videos, stories, testimonials, and more information about their services. You might find yourself impulsively placing an order for your very own Princess Pet…understandably..they are just too cute to resist. And why not? You will be Best Friends Fur-Ever!!!