Safe Flights


ON THIS PAGE>>>What we need to know to book your puppy flight and the information you need to know before and after puppy arrival.

1. We need to know who will pick the puppy up from the airport. (The airport will require ID).

2. We will need the address, phone number, and a second phone number if possible for the airport reservation.

3. We will need to know which airport you will be picking the puppy up from.

4. Reservations will be made. We try to arrange some weekday flights and some weekends as well. We will E-mail you with the full flight itinerary information, Air Waybill tracking number and the phone number to the airline that we will be using. Please print it off and take it with you to the airport. Please call the airline once you receive the information to verify that everything is correct and where to pick up at the airport once the puppy arrives.

5. The puppy will come with an up-to-date Health Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from a licensed, accredited veterinarian when traveling. Your pet will be examined by a veterinarian in order for a health certificate to be issued. This certificate indicates your pet is healthy to travel and is not showing signs of a disease that could be passed to other animals or to people. Vaccinations will be up to date for a health certificate to be issued. The health certificate has to be issued within 10 days of the flight and is only good for 10 days.

6. We travel to the airport and with Utmost care and planning, place your puppy on the plane to Fly your puppy to you at your location.

7. Puppy pick up is usually at the baggage claim office, or sometimes there is a cargo pickup location at the airport for you to greet your new puppy. Below are the phone numbers for the airlines that we commonly use. Please call them ahead of time and find out the particular location that you are to pick your puppy up on that date because sometimes the procedures change based on the time of day, day of the week, etc. You might also call and check again on the day of the fight to make sure that nothing has changed.

American Airlines 1-800-227-4622

Continental – 1-800-575-3335

Delta Pets – 1-888-736-3738

What all comes with my SAFE FLIGHT? Click the link EVERYTHING INCLUDED to find out what all comes with your SAFE FLIGHT. We also offer Nanny service. Puppy Nanny will fly with your puppy and hand deliver your puppy to you.

This is the E-mail we send once your puppy flight is booked:

Flight for your puppy has been booked with American Airlines (or the name of the airline it is booked with).

Once the puppy is booked, or after I have received the booking confirmation, you can also check the status of your flight on Your puppy will be flying Priority with them. The phone number for American is 1-800-227-4622. We recommend that you call ahead of time to find out where you will pick your puppy up (Usually at baggage claim office). It may take 30-45 minutes for the plane to be unloaded and for your puppy to be brought to you. Puppies can be flown with an acclimation statement when the temperatures are between 20 and 85 degrees. If your puppy is a snub nosed dog, like a Shih Tzu, the temperatures will have to be under 70 or 75 degrees, depending on the airline that we are using. If the temperatures fall above or below this range, your puppy’s flight will have to be rescheduled.

If your flight is booked with Continental Airlines or Alaska Airlines, temperatures are usually not an issue, except during extreme temperatures when they embargo pets.

Please plan to bring an extra towels, baby wipes , puppy pads and baby blankets with you. You will also need to have your ID ready. The crate (pet taxi) will be “zip tied” closed. You may need bring and use Toenail or Fingernail clippers to open the crate. Please be VERY careful where you put your puppy on the inside floor for a while because you wouldn’t want to expose them to the diseases, etc. that could be outside the airport, and other public places or grass. It is a big responsibility having a new addition to your family. Your new puppy will need to be treated as a newborn baby. Be sure to pay very close attention to your new puppy at all times. Use puppy pads indoors for your puppy to use for bathroom breaks.

The puppy’s paperwork will be attached to the top of the crate with the health certificate, etc. Please make sure that you have this paperwork before you leave the airport, because it does contain the original documents you will need for the puppy.

Be sure to watch our videos on link EVERYTHING INCLUDED. The videos will show you what you will need for your new puppy.

Your puppy will need food and clear Pedialyte or bottled water immediately. A small bag of food will be flown with the puppy so that he/she can be fed if there are any delays. Be sure to bring Nutri-Stat or Nutri-Cal with you to use when your puppy arrives Please leave dog food and drink available for your puppy at all times.

When your puppy has arrived be sure your puppy eats and drinks. Your puppy will also need to take in extra fluids, especially when the temperatures are warmer. You will want to have some clear Pedialyte on hand. As small as our puppies are, they must stay hydrated and can become dehydrated very quickly.

Please be aware that your puppy has come from a climate controlled environment. The temperatures during flight will be different than what the puppy is accustomed to, as will the temperatures where you are. Please take precautions to keep your puppy from being too cold or too warm to help keep your puppy healthy. Please also make sure that you are not using cleaners in your home that might be toxic to your puppy. Cleaners with Ammonia, bleach etc., can cause your puppy to have health issues. Be Aware at all times of what you are cleaning your home with around your newborn Teacup Baby.

Please CONTACT US once puppy arrives and let us know how the puppy is doing and how it went at the airport.